About HDE

Hydro Dynamic Engineering offers over thirty years of experience in the ground water industry, specializing in the design and installation of geothermal heat pump systems, public water supply systems, and thermal conductivity testing. All work is performed under Connecticut State Licenses and certifications.

Professional LicensesHDE-heat pump2.jpg

Registered Professional Engineer 
     Registration No. 13254

Trade Licenses and Certifications

Certified Geothermal Designer

Accredited Geothermal Installer

Licensed Plumbing and Piping Contractor 
     License No. 207578-J1

Licensed Heating, Piping and Cooling Contractor 
    License No. 308504-D1

Certified Public Water Supply Treatment System 
Class II Operator 

     Certificate No. 204162

Certified Public Water Supply Distribution System 
Class I Operator 

     Certificate No. 196125

Refrigerant Usage Certification 
     ID No. 079900086