Blog Intro

Welcome to our blog on geothermal heating and air conditioning. This blog is intended for anyone interested in the subject but we will have entries geared toward specific groups of people such as contractors, real estate agents, soon to be home owners, and existing home owners. Our goal is to educate people about the technology so they can be informed consumers. Some of the “lingo” might seem overwhelming but it’s usually pretty straight forward. For example a “Looper” is a guy who installs geothermal loops, a “manifold” looks a lot like the exhaust manifold on a car, only made out of pipe, and a “Driller” is a guy who drills wells on a “drilling rig” – a truck that has a drill on the back of it. The Blog entry titles should help you determine if the content is what you are looking for and some of the entries will contain duplicate information, as our readers’ familiarity with geothermal systems can vary. We hope you find this helpful and enjoyable.